What's new in Update v1.1

It's official! Update 1.1 for The Adventures of Elena Temple is now available! It feels better, shakes better and challenges better! And it'll sure be worth it to have a vibrations supporting controller nearby! But enough from me, here's more from myself on what the new update includes:


  • Stats screen with various info about your playthrough, like the time played, number deaths, enemies killed etc. and also the best values for these fields over all your playthroughs
  • Medals for each field in the Stats screen, get them like a pro by finishing the game in less than 40 minutes, dying less than 20 times, shooting less than 100 bullets and more
  • Screen shakes for all, including on death, enemy kills, walls move or destroy and many more
  • Vibrations for controllers supporting this feature
  • Lots of improvements to the final rooms of the game
  • 5 challenging new achievements to unlock for the Steam version
  • New music tracks for the secret rooms, final rooms and post game credits
  • A bunch of bug fixes, tweaks and even optimizations, not that those were really necessary
  • Save icon to indicate when the game is, uhm, saved..

So have some new fun with The Adventures of Elena Temple and prove your mastery of the game to the world! And if you're curious about what the target values for all the medals are, here they are for your convenience:
  • Finish the game in less than 40 minutes
  • Die a maximum of 20 times during a playthrough
  • Collect all 120 coins before finishing the game
  • Collect all 3 secret scrolls during a playthrough
  • Fully complete all the dungeon rooms, even though you can only see 49 on the map, they are 55 in total including the secret rooms and the final rooms
  • Shoot less than 100 bullets before finishing the game
  • Dispose of 20 enemies maximum during a playthrough
Thank you for following the progress of the game and I hope you'll try it if you haven't already or boot it up again if you've already beat it!