The Super Limited Edition for PC

Ever since I started making games I've dreamt of the moment I'd hold a physical copy of a game I've made. After 10 years of working on games for clients, I finally got the chance to make my own game, the indie way. One crazy developer against impossible odds! And I've succeeded in ways I couldn't hope for, marking some major milestones for me as a developer: my first indie game, my first game published on Steam, my first console game, great media coverage with around a hundred articles, reviews and videos, praising the game for its nostalgia, retro visuals, gameplay and level design.

It was an amazing ride, but I wanted to go all the way! So I am insanely proud to present you my latest achievement! The Adventures of Elena Temple: Super Limited Edition, a PC collector's box created in partnership with the awesome people from IndieBox:
  • Blu-ray case featuring exclusive cover art
  • Unique box number out of 100, printed on the back cover
  • Game disc with the latest DRM free versions of the game, for both PC and Mac
  • Early access versions of the game included on the disc, starting with the first prototype - witness the game’s evolution!
  • Game manual and Design booklet combo - take a peek behind the curtain of creating The Adventures of Elena Temple, with art, sketches and developer thoughts
  • Stickers sheet with 6 badges, GrimTalin logo and the game’s iconic capsule
  • The lost dungeon map, use it as the ultimate guide for your perilous adventure
  • Digital access to all the disc contents through an key
  • Steam key to add the game to your digital library too
  • A second Steam key to gift to a friend
I hope you'll check out the Super Limited Edition and consider adding it to your collection! With only 100 units ever made, it truly is a rare collector's find!