Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale is a puzzle game combined with a modern fairy tale told in rhyme. Experience a beautiful and relaxing world and follow a sweet story about a brave princess striving for freedom when everyone around her tries to keep her in line with the status quo. Solve intuitive puzzles, collect coins and discover new gimmicks in a campaign consisting of 80 levels plus 30 variations.


  • 80 puzzles plus 30 variations, grouped in themed chapters
  • Discover a modern fairy tale told in rhyme
  • Each new chapter adds unique game mechanics and visuals
  • Unlockable skins to change the look of the ball
  • Beautiful, relaxing visuals and music


Choose which direction to roll the ball in, then watch it go until it hits an obstacle, like a wooden crate or stone walls. Some game elements change the ball's path, like the diagonal signs. Some elements react to being hit by the ball, like the statues, which light up - when all statues in the level are lit, they reveal hidden coins.

In story levels, the goal is to collect all the feathers before your run out of moves. Each collected feather reveals another bit of the story. In coins levels however, the goal is to collect all.. well.. coins! Depending on how many moves you're left with when you've collected the last coin, you're awarded up to three gems.

Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale will release with a main campaign, consisting of 5 chapters. A secondary campaign, with 2 chapters, is planned to release at a later date. Each chapter has 6 story levels and 10 coins levels. In addition, story levels, once finished, can be replayed in a coins variant, allowing you to earn coins and gems for them too. Finishing a level unlocks all levels directly linked to it.

Earning all three gems for coins levels is not only for completionists. New chapters become available when you've gathered enough gems. As for coins, you'll be able to spend those on skins to customize the rolling ball!

Targeting a Spring 2021 release

The goal is to release Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale sometime in Spring 2021, for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam. While a same day release would be great, only time can tell if it will be possible. Give @GrimTalin a follow on twitter for more info about Long Ago: A Puzzle Tale.