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The Adventures of Elena Temple:
Definitive Edition - Coverage

Bonus StageREVIEW
Just the addition of the two temples would be incredible enough, but GrimTalin has also added a lot of technical and bonus stuff. [...] I could go on and on about Elena Temple: Definitive Edition, but this should be a no-brainer for most indie fans out there. [...] It’s a fantastic time in a earnest homage to yesteryear, and it’s a massive addition to what was already a surprisingly robust game. Simply wonderful.
Nindie NexusREVIEW
The Honest GamerREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple is a honored callback to the gaming days of old. [...] It's a game that is simple in appearance and controls, but that simplicity just lets the full experience that Elena Temple brings you shine through.
Beyond PlayStationREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple was a fun 2D minimalist style single-screen action platformer, and this revamped and improved Definitive Edition gives us more content, reworked content, in-game achievements, and more.
The Switch EffectREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition is a fantastic collection of content inspired by the retro-est of home console video games. It combines solid platforming action, a cool multi-console graphical mechanic, and modern touches such as achievements to create a uniquely original retro experience. It’s a little on the short side, if I’m being honest, but for the fun it packs in it’s worth some games with ten times the playtime. If you’re a fan of video gaming history, or just fun games in general, pick it up.
Cheevo GuidesGUIDE
123 games reviewREVIEW
The game also offers more than 40 trophies in the game, which is always welcome. [...] A very good old-school and challenging platform game.
This is a good indie game that will surely appeal to nostalgics and lovers of retro games. [...] For its price it is more than recommended for lovers of the genre.
Simple Game ReviewsINTERVIEW
Our Interview with Catalin Marcu from GrimTalin
If you like really old computer games, you may want to check this one out.
Mid-Life Gamer GeekREVIEW
It’s still a really enjoyable game. [...] A decent challenge and the extra content is very generous; so much so that it feels like at least a sequel’s worth of content here in comparison to the original download. [...] If you were a fan to start with, the Definitive Edition is well worth investing in.
JP's SwitchmaniaREVIEW
It is a really fun platformer with excellent gameplay and storytelling—admittedly, more so the storytelling on the title screens about the game’s past failures than the gameplay story itself, but still great storytelling nonetheless. I really enjoyed myself with this short and sweet little piece of nostalgia.
Diego PalmaLET'S PLAY
Cody's ReviewsREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple does a really good job of recreating that nostalgia feeling from platformers of the past. Tight controls, great sound and a great challenge. Elena Temple will certainly scratch that nostalgia itch.
Nintendo World ReportREVIEW
I enjoyed my playthrough of The Adventures Of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition. While fans of the original release will appreciate the newly-added dungeons, newcomers, especially old-school platformer lovers, will find this edition well worth their time.
Lives do AMX GameplaysGUIDE
Nintenhype catLET'S PLAY
Max Games TechGAMEPLAY
Lives do AMX GameplaysLET'S PLAY
When developer GrimTalin released The Adventures of Elena Temple [...], it turned out to be an accomplished platformer in its own right [...], a very enjoyable game which scored rather well. [...The] Definitive Edition has been released which adds in a lot of extra content and new ways to play.
Sens CritiqueREVIEW
The additional dungeons of the "Definitive" edition have their own identity and their own mechanics, and even if they rest on the foundation of the original game, you don't get the feeling of replaying the same game.[...] In short, an unpretentious and very nice little retro game.
Seafoam GamingREVIEW
In conclusion, The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition is a rerelease done right. While I was very impressed by the original game [...], this rerelease feels like that developer used his knowledge from the past year and a half in order to polish the game up and keep what works while tweaking what might have not. With the additions of more incentives for replay value, alongside two extra scenarios that are enjoyable, quick romps, ['s] one of the best budget Metroidvanias you could possibly buy.
The Hidden LevelsGUIDE
Fans of retro-style platformers should look past the simple presentation because this is a game that succeeds masterfully at what it sets out to accomplish. As this game is modeled after an era from before I was born, I did not have the nostalgia that I think would have made me enjoy the game even more, but once I understood how the game worked I was excited to keep playing.
Nindie SpotlightGAMEPLAY
The Hidden LevelsGUIDE
Simple Game ReviewsREVIEW
The chiptunes soundtrack and sound effects fit the retro feel perfectly and go nicely with the artstyle. [...] A fun, classic platformer with a variety of obstacles and mechanics. A retro classic worth playing for a well done slice of nostalgia.
Ryan SilbermanREVIEW
What used to be the entire game is now one of three quests you can embark on. [...] Topped with an achievement list and unlockable cheat code-style modifiers, the overall package has gained quite the increase. [...] I've had fun with the new stuff the definitive edition offered.
Stage Select StartREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition was really a blast to play. The controls were tight [...] The music was super catchy [...] So if you are going to pick up any version of the game, I would highly recommend the Definitive Edition.
Puissance NintendoNEWS
After a first edition available in 2018 [...] here is the time for a more complete edition, the Definitive Edition. [...] Can you solve all the puzzles to collect all the coins, precious stones, hearts and unlock the 40 achievements of the game?
Twinworld Game ReviewsLET'S PLAY
Impact Game StationLET'S PLAY
Galaxy GamerREVIEW
The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition is that little push that the original game needed to go from awesome, to simply amazing. The additional dungeons really add to the game to the game in the best way, but my personal favourite new parts of the game is the game modifiers. [...] It is already a really underrated game, just by how amazing it is. So do yourself a huge favour, go buy your copy of The Adventures of Elena Temple.