Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy to learn about what kind of personal data GRIMTALIN SRL collects and how it is used. Please note that this Privacy Policy applies only for GRIMTALIN SRL, and that we are not responsible for Privacy Policies of other sites linked from this website, embedded third party plugins or widgets.

The short version: we don't store any personal information about you on our servers, but the various plugins and widgets used on this website might collect data about you and we may have access to some of it.


Personal data is usually collected through the use of cookies in your browser. Cookies are small file texts stored in your hard drive, that identify you as an unique user and that should contain only non-personal information, such as information about a particular login session. Most websites, including this one, use cookies to gather statistical data. You will be prompted to agree with the use of cookies when visiting the website. Once consent is given, you can disable or clear the cookies through your browser's settings - please refer to the help section of your browser to find out how to do that.


This website is powered by and has a built-in analytics tool in it, which uses cookies to gather data. While we only use it to track page views and other statistical data, we have no access to any particular information about an individual. Blogger might collect personal data and store it on its servers. Blogger is owned by Google, so please refer to their privacy policy for more information.


We don't store mail addresses on our servers, but if we exchanged mails, your address is in our Gmail account address book, as are the mails we exchanged. We currently are not using any mailing list to send promotional mails in bulk. If you wish your address and mails to be deleted, please send us a mail and we'll comply. Yes, that means we'll delete the mail requesting the deletion too!


There are various widgets on the website, like the ones from Steam, and Humble Bundle. If you interact with any of them, they will likely collect personal info about you, such as mail address, store id and credit card info. Except for your mail address and/or id on the respective store, we do not get access to your personal info, but it might be stored on that store's servers. We do not process the mail addresses or ids that are provided to us by the stores for anything other than statistical purposes, but we may have access to them through the respective admin pages. That information is not under our control, so you'll have to direct any deletion request directly to the store in question.

Please refer to these respective privacy policies to find out more about the type of data each store collects about you:


The content on this website features various links to pages on other websites. Please take into consideration that navigating to those websites through such links absolves us of any responsibility regarding any personal data those sites might collect. Please refer to their respective privacy policies to find out more about how they collect and handle personal data.

Social media

If you use any of the social media buttons on this website to share pages or to be taken to our respective channels on those social media websites, please be aware that personal data is very likely to be collected by the respective platform owners, like Facebook and Twitter. Some of that data might also be accessible to us, particularly if you like or share any of our posts on those channels. We don't have any plan of processing that data other than for statistical purposes, but the way these platforms work might means that you'll be targeted by any ad campaigns we may run in the future. If you choose to follow us on any of our social media channels, you will be notified about any new content we post. Please feel free to unfollow us as soon as you want to stop receiving such notifications.

Data transfer

We do not disclose, transfer or sell the personal data we have access to through the various third party websites we work with or given by you to us of your own accord. The only exception to this is if we are required by the law to do so.

Data deletion

As we do not store any personal data on our servers, we do not have any data to delete, but you can send us a mail requesting to delete any communication we had with you and any of your personal data we have access to, as long as it is in our power to delete such data. We can also inform you about what other third parties might have collected personal data about you, but you should address them directly should you want such data to be deleted.

Withdrawal of consent

If you want to withdraw consent to the use of cookies by this site, you can disable or clear the cookies in your browser, please refer to the help section of your browser for instructions on how to do that. If you want to retrieve the consent implicitly given to us when providing any personal data of your own accord, such as by exchanging mails with us, using the purchase widgets or accessing our social media accounts, please do the following:
  • send us an email to delete your mail address and any exchanged mails
  • unfollow us on social media
  • refer to the respective store for which you used the purchase widget and ask them to delete your account and your personal data from their servers - we do not have any control regarding the purchase information they provide us through their administrative tools

In closure

We try to minimize the amount of personal data collected by third parties through our website and products, but since data collection has become such a normal practice for today's internet, we can not avoid it. We don't use the data collected unless for statistical purposes or to conduct a mutual voluntary conversation with you. If you have any doubt about what we collect or what we do with your personal data, please get in touch and we'll sort things out. Our business is that of making games, not some other shady practice involving your personal data.