The Adventures of Elena Temple:
Definitive Edition - Devlog

The end of an era

December 12th 2019
That title sounds so dramatic! In Marvel terms, maybe more appropriate would be "the end of Phase One". With the release of The Adventures of Elena Temple: Definitive Edition just around the corner, on December 24th, the first two years of my indie adventure...  Continue reading

What's next for Elena Temple?

September 30th 2019
I made that scary little guy below! Look at him, so ferocious! Why? Because I want to create one final dungeon for The Adventures of Elena Temple. Together with the original dungeon, Chalice of the Gods, and the new one, The Golden Spider, it should bring...  Continue reading

Elena Temple is on Xbox One!

September 30th 2019
That's right! After debuting poorly on Steam and then releasing on Nintendo Switch successfully enough to keep me in this indie business, my quirky retro platformer arrived on Xbox One! Honest disclosure here: it only took so long because I didn't feel like my game was good enough for...  Continue reading

The Prices of Elena Temple

January 11th 2019
Hello, lovely people! I thought I'd try something new in this crazy, sales driven industry of ours! New at least to my knowledge and definitely new for my games. Have you ever just bought a game only to find it at a huge discount just days after? Wish you could've known in advance that...  Continue reading

One year of GrimTalin

December 31st 2018
Welcome to my retrospective of 2018, the first year of life for my company GrimTalin! It's going to be a bit of a long post, but it's got a lot of insight, advice and juicy bits, marked for your convenience in case you just want to skim through. Here we...  Continue reading

The Super Limited Edition for PC

September 19th 2018
Ever since I started making games I've dreamt of the moment I'd hold a physical copy of a game I've made. After 10 years of working on games for clients, I finally got the chance to make my own game, the indie way. One crazy developer against impossible odds! And I've...  Continue reading

Update 1.2 brings you closer to the screen

July 20th 2018
A new update is available for The Adventures of Elena Temple, bringing with it a resolution to the much requested fullscreen feature. The reason I've been avoiding to have such an option until now is because I didn't feel the game lent itself well enough to be...  Continue reading

What's new in Update v1.1

May 27th 2018
It's official! Update 1.1 for The Adventures of Elena Temple is now available! It feels better, shakes better and challenges better! And it'll sure be worth it to have a vibrations supporting controller nearby! But enough from me, here's more from myself on what...  Continue reading

Final version is LIVE!

March 15th 2018
And we're finally at the finish line! The Adventures of Elena Temple v1.0.0 is LIVE on Steam and A huge thank you to everyone that supported me so far, with a special shout to my wife, Elena (gasp, reveal!) and my friends that helped me out more than...  Continue reading

Quick guide to Steam Cloud saves

March 14th 2018
Working with Steam has been pretty great so far, but while setting up everything related to cloud saving, I often found myself wishing for a high level guide to help with what you can do and what is recommended you should do on the subject...  Continue reading

Current progress - v0.6.0

February 21st 2018
The time has come for the last Early Access version of The Adventures of Elena Temple! Next up is the final release of the game on March 15th 2018. Unless something really bad happens, which I hope it won't. So here's what's new...  Continue reading

Current progress - v0.5.0

February 3rd 2018
The final release date is getting closer and closer! That March deadline I set for myself seems right around the corner! But I'm getting ahead of myself. First let's check out what's new in this freshly released version...  Continue reading

Current progress - v0.4.0

January 8th 2018
Happy New Year! May 2018 bring the joy of The Adventures of Elena Temple to your screens! I made a lot of good progress on the game, even during the holidays, so check out what was added in this new version...  Continue reading

Current progress - v0.3.5

December 13th 2017
Welcome to the first update since the early access release of The Adventures of Elena Temple! Since almost two weeks ago I've been busy with three major things: creating 3 new dungeon screens, implementing a dynamic music manager and finishing up...  Continue reading

Current progress - v0.3.0

December 1st 2017
Hello and welcome, fans of old-school gaming! Since this is the first progress report for The Adventures of Elena Temple, I'll also cover the game features implemented in the previous versions, prior to v0.3.0. Without further ado, let's dive right in...  Continue reading